2019 Talks

A well-grounded cloud: Exploring the foundations of Cloud Native
VM (Vicky) Brasseur

Director of Open Source Strategy, JUNIPER NETWORKS

Software development life cycle of montreal.ca
Morgan Martinet

Enterprise Architect, VILLE DE MONTREAL

Marc Khouzam

Solutions Architect, Cloud infrastructure at VILLE DE MONTREAL

Kubernetes: Crossing the Chasm
Ian Crosby

Managing Director, Container Solution

Defense in Depth: Securing your new Kubernete cluster from the challenges that lurk within
Don Bowman


Kafka on Kubernetes
Viktor Gamov

Developer Advocate, CONFLUENT

Identity, AuthN and AuthZ for Zero Trust Workload Security
Karthik Prabhakar

Senior Director, Solution Architecture at TIGERA

Cert-manager: using Kubernetes as an automated x509 management platform
James Munelly


The Containerization of Machine Learning
Syed Ahmed

Cloud Software Architect, CLOUDOPS

Streams Must Flow: Fault-tolerant streams processing apps on Kubernetes
Victor Gamov

Developer Advocate, CONFLUENT

The Cloud Native Paradigm
Luc Perkins

Developer Advocate, CNCF

Own your destiny in the cloud
Ian Rae

CloudOps, CEO